* On Tuesday, council will discuss the Special Rainey Fund in preparation for Thursday's council meeting.

* As of now, Elaine Hart, Deputy City Manager is recommending deferred action for this fund. CM Tovo has set the agenda item #24 for the fund before citizen's communication so there is no need for people to attend and speak. Action will be taken before communication. 

* IF it appears that the item will not pass with enough votes on Tuesday, Tovo will likely rearrange the date for the item.

* If it appears that the public will have the opportunity to speak on the item, we will contact you by email with more details about a day and times.


Item 175 creating the Rainey Special Revenue Fund will come up for consideration again on August 22nd. Please email us at raineyneighbor@gmail(dot)com to sign up to speak and attend preparation meetings.

UPDATE AS OF JUNE 18TH, 10:00 PM regarding Special Rainey Fund 

Folks, we have a positive development relating to Item #175 on the Special Fund for Rainey improvements. CM Tovo's office will try to postpone this item to allow for more time to gain support from those who are opposed. It will be postponed tentatively until August. We will keep you posted on developments!

Dear Neighbors,

We need your help. On Wednesday June 19th Assistant City Manager Elaine Hart is going to recommend "deferred action" for a proposed ordinance that creates a special revenue fund for mobility improvements in the Rainey Street District.


We need for City Council to understand that new developments have outpaced mobility improvements and Rainey is in need of infrastructure improvements to our streets and sidewalks now! Deferred action would mean that the city doesn't understand the public safety issues in Rainey and our needs would be evaluated against city-wide projects in the future. Even if Rainey is prioritized in the future, it could be many, many months before we see any kind of improvement. 

Meanwhile, pedestrians walk in unsafe conditions which ultimately led to a hit-and-run accident that occurred on June 9th in front of 76 Rainey.

Help us help you! Join us for June 19th and June 20th City Council meetings by going to City Hall and signing up at the kiosks in the gallery and then either donating your time or speaking on one or both days. See below and the attached flyer for more details. Let's show Council that Rainey residents deserve action now!


Sandra De Leon

President, Rainey Neighbors Association

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