Welcome to the Rainey Neighbors Association

This is the spot for All Things related to the Rainey Neighborhood

About Us


Our Mission Statement

Rainey Neighbors Association  (RNA) is committed to improving the quality of life for those who live, work, and play in the Rainey Street Neighborhood.  The RNA listens to residents and neighborhood stakeholders, and encourages better decision-making through education. 


How We Serve The Community

RNA offers a variety of value-add services to the neighborhood Including:

Community Meetings

Volunteer Park Opportunities

Information and Education related to City of Austin Initiatives such as 

Mobility/Traffic, Development, Sound Ordinances etc. 


RNA Board of Directors

2019 RNA Board of Directors


President                Sandra De Leon             sandra_deleon at yahoo.com

Secretary                Brooke Schumacher     bschumacher at windsorcommunities.com

Treasurer                Lora Herring                   lora at loraherring.com

                                 Judy Cobb                       cobb103 at gmail.com 

                                 Michael Cortinas            michael.cortinas at themillennium.com  

                                 Randal Minick                 randiesel1423 at yahoo.com 

                                 Robert Rey                       robert.rey at simpsonhousing.com 

Link to Our Bylaws and Minutes